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Welcome to the Black Friday deals by RepRapWorld. We are excited to share the best offers for your 3D printer, filament materials, and extremely useful 3D parts and accessories. There are special discounts for every 3D printing enthusiast and maker. Feel free to explore the most trending premium items in the 3D printing scope on a limited-time offer!

Up to 20% discount on 3D printers

Receive up to 20% off on your next 3D printer. Discover different high-quality 3D printers with a temporary new price tag, just for you! We offer FDM/FFF 3D printers and resin 3D printers for exceptional prototyping and testing. Be limitless and make your designs a reality with RepRapWorlds’ wide selection of 3D printers.

10% discount on Real regular PLA, ABS and PETG

Find the most popular filament materials by the premium brand REAL filament. Order PLA, ABS, and PETG filament with outstanding printing consistency at a 10% discount! For more information on filament materials, visit our guide to 3D filament.

30% discount on Real wood, sparkle and satin filaments

Give your 3D products that real final look and feel. With Real Filament’s wood, sparkle, and satin filaments, you can achieve 3D models that have either a shiny satin appearance or more of an actual wood finish. Easily create artworks and masterpieces in a series of textures and colors with the unique filaments in this section.

20% discount on Real specials

Have you experienced 3D printing Real Filament’s specials before? Print 3D parts with superior quality and unique properties for a range of applications! For every model or part, we have the material you are looking for. Pick through our professional thermoplastics engineered for industrial-level purposes. Create outdoor parts that will last decades - or print support structures for intricate automotive components!

Great discounts on major brands

We celebrate Black Friday with our innovative major 3D brands. The brands in this collection bring solutions for every aspect of the 3D printing landscape. Find an abundance of 3D printing components big and small. Do not miss out on the most innovative 3D tools, electronics, and supplies!

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