Silicone heater mat including thermistor ( 240V / 1000W / 40x40cm )

Round kapton heater mat with adhesive side
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Silicone heater mat including thermistor and sticker to heat up larger bed plates. 1000W guarantees you a quick heating to the desired temperature

The thermistor is a normal 100K version that will work with option 1 in your firmware. Use a solid state relay to control the heated bed from your electronics and optionally a fuse to protect against shorting. Review the following example setup for more information. Connect the thermistor wiring to your electronics board's heated bed thermistor header. The solid state relay low voltage side should be connected to the board's heated bed output, mind the polarization. The high voltage side should be connected to the one of the leads of the silicone mat, the other side to one of the 240V leads. Finally connect the other lead of the mat to the other lead of the 240V input. You can use the C14CHSMNTSW to protect the circuit and have a convenient way to turn off the heater.

Warning: Working with 240V can be dangerous, always take adequate precautions. Don't work with power on.


General properties
GTIN 8719345008306
Color Orange
Material Silicone
Type Square
Max. temperature 130 °C
Length 400 mm
Width 400 mm
Wire length 100 cm
Electrical specifications
Operating voltage 240 V
Current 4.17 A
Max. Power rating 1000 W
€ 60.50  incl VAT
Exp. dispatch in 1 - 2 weeks
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