Duet3D daughterboards

IR Probe
IR Probe
An IR height sensor that detects the target height by looking for the reflected light from two separate LEDs to be equal
  • Works on most buildplate surfaces
€ 34.95
In stock
MAX31856 Thermocouple daughterboard for Duet|v1.1
Daughterboard for the Duet boards that allows two thermocouple sensors to be attached
  • Two thermocouples supported
  • B, E,J K, N, R, S and T thermocouples
  • Works with many Duet 2 and 3 boards
€ 39.95
In stock
PT100 daughterboard for Duet
Daughterboard for the Duet boards that allows two PT100 sensors to be attached
  • Two PT100 sensors supported
  • Works with many Duet 2 and 3 boards
€ 39.95
In stock
Rotating Magnetic Filament Monitor|v1.7b without housing
Connects to your Duet 2 or 3 main board to detect a wide variety of potential disasters
  • Detects filament jam, filament run-out
  • Pre-assembled module
  • Works with 1.75mm filament
  • Original Duet3D filament sensor
€ 69.95
€ 55.96
In stock
Delta Smart Effector
Smart Effector for delta printers with Z-probe
  • E3D compatible heatsink included
  • Includes a z-probe for bed leveling
€ 79.95
In stock
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