Spare parts

E3D - Hemera Fixings Kit
The fixing kit for your Hemera
  • Fixings kit for E3D Hemera
€ 3.95
In stock
E3D - Hemera Idler Kit
The Idler kit for your Hemera
  • Replacement E3D Hemera Idler kit
€ 6.95
In stock
E3D - Hemera Fan (12V)
The fan for your Hemera
  • 40x40x10 fan for E3D Hemera
  • 12V version
€ 9.95
In stock
E3D - Hemera Fan (24V)
The fan for your Hemera
  • 40x40x10 fan for E3D Hemera
  • 24V version
€ 9.95
In stock
E3D - Hemera Bowdapter (1.75mm)
The bowdapter for your hemera
  • Bowden adapter kit for E3D Hermera
€ 12.95
In stock
Hemera Heatbreak|1.75mm
Replacement E3D Hemera 1.75mm heatbreak
€ 12.95
In stock
E3D - Hemera Heatsink (1.75mm)
The heatsink for your Hemera
  • Replacement 1.75mm Hemera diecast heatsink
€ 14.95
In stock
Hemera Titanium Heatbreak|1.75mm
Original E3D titanium heatbreak that benefits high-temperature materials
  • Original E3D quality
  • Consistent retraction
  • Advanced 3D printing
  • Refined internal surface
  • 1.75 mm filament compatibility
€ 24.95
In stock
E3D - Hemera Hot Side
You can now replace your Hemera hotside kit with this product.
  • Replacement E3D Hemera hotside kit
€ 29.95
In stock
E3D Hemera Stepper Motor
  • Stepper motor for the E3D Hemera
€ 39.95
In stock
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