v6 - HotEnd Lite Kit Direct
1.75mm / 12V / Thermistor

Great, affordable hotend for lower-temperature filaments
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Great, affordable hotend for lower-temperature filaments

Not everybody needs the all-metal high-temperature performance of an E3D-v6. We’ve come to realise that there exists a need for a hotend that is reliable, and puts out great prints, but meets the budget of those who are just getting started in 3D printing.

Lite6 is our answer to that need. By adopting a PTFE-lined “mostly metal” design, we’re able to meet what we think is a really awesome price point of £21.50 for a full kit including electronics.

Think of Lite6 as V6's little brother: it’s a lower-cost Hot End with a more modest specification, but still a great option for beginners and those on a budget. For more information, watch our video or read the blog!

Was ist in der Box?

Dies ist ein Kit mit den folgenden Artikeln.

Menge Aktie Produkt
1x PTFE Rohr, 2 innen/ 4 außen Durchmesser (10cm)
1x E3D v6 - Hot End Lite-Set - 1.75mm direkt 12V


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